Priyanka Mistri – South Bopal, Ahmedabad


Priyanka is the mother of a son and a daughter. Priyanka enjoys cooking and uses it as a kind of therapy. She is a true modern mother who has strong cultural and traditional roots and also who supports equality. She is the 380058 area code's representative for our Absolute Matrimony. She adores collecting new recipes and treating guests. She has a cheekiness to her personality yet is a really delicate lady. She is a confident woman who isn't afraid to go above and beyond to realise her goals. She has extensive local knowledge and will use absolute matrimony to assist you in finding your ideal spouse.

about location - South Bopal

South Bopal is part of the larger Bopal area, which is located on the western outskirts of Ahmedabad. South Bopal, also known as SoBo, is a relatively newer residential neighbourhood. It is located on Sardar Patel Ring Road. South Bopal is a well-planned area with a mix of multi-story apartments, villas, and independent houses for buyers in the affordable and mid-segment. Many of these projects have been completed and are outfitted with modern amenities. South Bopal has good internal connectivity thanks to the Bopal-Ghuma Road and Gala Gymkhana Road, which connect to the Sardar Patel Ring Road and extend the locality's reach to other parts of the city. Buses running on the BRTS route from Ambli Road to Ghuma serve the area well. While the nearest Ambli Road Railway Station is 6 kilometers away, the main Ahmedabad Railway Station is 16 kilometers away.

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