Mandakini Dubey – Motera, Ahmedabad


Mandakini is a lady with grace. She is a true modern women, with strong traditional and cultural beliefs, along with a progressive outlook. Apart from being an adoring wife and an excellent mother to a son, she is also an Absolute Matrimony’s representative for the area code 380005. She is a major foodie as well as an amazing chef. She loves creating new snack recipes for her son and his very appreciative friends. She is very soft spoken person, though with a hint of sassiness in her personality. She is a woman with a strong attitude and she does not mind going out of her way to fulfill her dreams and turn them into reality.

about location - Motera

Motera was formerly a part of the Gandhinagar district. January 2008 onwards, it's in the boundaries of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation( AMC) in the Daskroi Taluka. It's contained in the West Zone as per AMC, though it's the northernmost and the closest to the twin town and the capital of the Gujarat state, Gandhinagar. Motera is on the opposite bank of Sabarmati River. Motera is a neighbourhood in the northwestern part of the metropolis of Ahmedabad in Gujarat, India. It lies west of the Sabarmati River. The principal attraction in Motera is the world's largest sports colosseum, Narendra Modi Stadium. The colosseum is the venue for the international cricket matches held in Ahmedabad. In 2015, old colosseum was pulled down and new colosseum was constructed which got the honour of world's largest colosseum.

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