Kishan Solanki – Ranna Park, Ahmedabad


For the pincode 380061, Absolute Matrimony is represented by Mr. Kishan. Kishan is a dedicated software engineer who runs his own company. He is a person of discipline. He is also an expert in SEO. He has a lot of imagination. He enjoys having fun and is a companion in crime. He is adept at defending his position. He is a man of strong convictions who understands how to live by them. Kishan is constantly upbeat and eager to pick up new abilities. He has an excellent sense of humour despite taking his work seriously. He approaches challenges in his life in an innovative way. With absolute matrimony, Kishan will assist you in finding a solution to your match-seeking issue.

about location - Ranna Park

This is the best area for everyone because it has everything you need, such as a bus stop, a BRT station, easy transportation, all schools nearby, theatres, restaurants, a shopping mall, a vegetable market, and it is located in the heart of West Ahmedabad. Ranna Park is a very desirable and respectable neighbourhood with a pleasant environment. A school, a bank, an ATM, and a hospital are all nearby. This area also has good transportation options. A great place to live for people of all ages, and women can feel safe at any time of day. You don't have to travel far to get anything, whether it's a grocery store, a medical store, public transportation, a school, or a nice place to spend time with your family. One significant advantage is that it is well connected to almost all of Ahmedabad's major areas.

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