Chintan Mehta – Narayan Nagar, Ahmedabad


Chintan is our representative for 380007-pincode . Chintan is a family man who lives in Paldi, Chintan is a sibling of two sisters and a father of a daughter and son. Apart from being a father and a brother Chintan is also a peace- treasuring and bright person. He's also extremely talented Content writer and growth marketer. He likes to celebrate poise between his work life and private life, but he also chooses blood over work if presented an option. After finishing his higher secondary from GLS, he followed BE IT Engineering from DDU Nadiad with an MBA in HR from SKPIMCS Gandhinagar. He loves investing in Web3 and Blockchain in the form of Crypto, while also appreciating music and cinema. He's someone with tremendous tolerance with a hard working station until the position of furthest satisfaction for patrons. Chintan will be your faithful gentleman to help you discover your perfect partner with Absolute Matrimony.

about location - Narayan Nagar

Narayan Nagar is a very prestigious and respectable neighborhood with a pleasant environment. A school, mall, market, restaurant, bank, and ATM are all nearby. This area also has good transportation options. Excellent connectivity to the rest of the city. Narayan Nagar is a popular locality in Ahmedabad, and the zip code for this area is 380007. Narayan Nagar's neighbouring communities include Chandranagar Paldi, Vishala, and Vasna. With a rating of 4.5, Narayan Nagar has plenty of parking. The average user rating of 5.0 indicates that the road quality is excellent Narayan Nagar is a well-located Hindu neighbourhood with a majority of Jains. The area is entirely residential, but it is very close to commercial centres where one can obtain everything necessary for daily living. It is easily accessible via BRTS, AMTS, and State Transport Services.

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